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Education Council warmly welcomes all members of the college community (students, staff, faculty, and administration) to become involved in this legislated governance council that sets the educational direction for Camosun College.

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As an elected member of the council, you will first and foremost represent the college and its learners; however, you will bring a unique experience from your area of work or study to ensure we have strong diversity of ideas and opinions. Council members will normally be expected to:

  • Carry out the responsibilities as mandated under the College and Institute Act
  • Verify that the college curricula have met college standards to ensure academic excellence
  • Actively engage, debate, and be informed of the business brought before Education Council
  • Volunteer to serve on sub-committees and ad hoc committees when requested
  • Attend all meetings and retreats on a regular basis as per Education Council Bylaws, and when attendance is not possible inform the Permanent Secretary

Students, staff, and faculty are elected to Education Council. Election of Education Council normally occurs annually in Spring. If necessary, by-elections for vacant seats are held in Fall. The election schedule for a particular year is prepared by the Registrar or designate and is sent to each relevant constituent group before the election period.

Administration is appointed to the council by the President.

"Being a member of EdCo gave me the opportunity to really understand the full scope of what all we do here at the College – it took me out of my own discipline and School and let me learn about other amazing things that we can learn and teach."

- Joan Yates

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