EdCo Members

Education Council members form the legislated governance council that sets the educational direction for Camosun College. If you have an interest in educational policy, standards, and curriculum, joining Education Council is a great way to make a difference.

Education Council Membership

August 2024 - July 2025

Voting Members

  • Alexis Martfeld, Faculty
  • Andrea Kucherawy, Support Staff (Vice Chair)
  • Bijan Ahmadi, Faculty (Chair)
  • Blair Fisher, Faculty
  • Courtney Neidig, Faculty
  • Derek Murray, Faculty
  • Heather Del Villano, Administration
  • Isabel Grondin, Faculty
  • John Boraas, Administration
  • Lois Fernyhough, Faculty
  • Mark Fournier, Faculty
  • Michael Liu, Faculty
  • Nicholas Read, Faculty
  • Purav Yashpal, Student
  • Scott Harris, Administration
  • Steven Rumpel, Administration
  • Tia Primrose, Support Staff
  • Student (vacant)
  • Student (vacant)
  • Student (vacant)

Non-Voting Members

  • Lane Trotter, President
  • TBA, Board of Governors
  • Chris Avis, Interim ICC Chair
  • TBA, Indigenization Representative
  • Peter Moroney, Education Policy and Planning

Contact information

Education Approvals

Coordinator, Education Approvals; Permanent Secretary for EdCo