Spread of Camosun Showcase magazines 2017-2023

Camosun Showcase: Professional, Scholarly, & Creative Activity

Camosun Showcase is an annual College publication featuring contributions from individuals across the college.

This in-house publication showcases the professional, scholarly, and creative stories of Camosun faculty, staff, and administrators. It’s a medium – and an opportunity – for sharing innovative and inspiring work, projects, or research that have been done individually or collaboratively with colleagues, students, industry, or community in the classroom and beyond.

The first issue of Camosun Showcase was produced in 2017. Subsequent issues not only expanded in volume but saw an increase in the nature and scope of contributions. Today, the publication includes contributions from faculty as well as College leadership, with the voices of Camosun students also featuring more prominently.

Until 2022, Camosun Showcase was informally launched at the annual Walls Optional Conference hosted by Learning Services. Starting in 2023, Showcase was launched at a dedicated event celebrating stories from past and present issues, a tradition that will continue.


Expression of interest deadline for Camosun Showcase 2024: December 15, 2023

Send your interest to contribute – one or two sentences describing the topic of your project – to the Camosun Showcase project coordinators via this form: Camosun Showcase 2024 Expression of Interest. A project coordinator will follow up with more information and specific criteria.


For further information regarding Camosun Showcase, please visit our LibGuide or contact one of the project coordinators: Deidre Murphy, Elizabeth West or Emily Schudel.