The Education and Academic policies govern programming and instruction, student services and support, research and copyright.

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Policy Matrix

Download the Policy Matrix, an at-a-glance reference sheet showing all of Camosun's policies and directives and the documents that support them.

E-1 Programming and Instruction

E-1.1 Academic Progress

Defines the college-wide standard for academic progress and will establish principles and protocols to assist students, their instructors, and administrative staff to monitor and intervene when a student is "at risk." 

E-1.2 Academic Schedule

To establish an academic schedule that meets the needs of the academic programming at Camosun College. 

E-1.3 Work Integrated Learning

To establish the processes and standards for the inclusion of work integrated learning (WIL) in educational programs at Camosun College.

Supporting documents

E-1.4 Credential Standards

To ensure the validity, consistency and quality of credentials issued by the college.

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E-1.5 Grading

To ensure that grading and promotion are consistent and fair.

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E-1.6 Educational Approvals

To establish the process for the approval of all educational programs at Camosun College and to identify the approval body for each type of program.

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E-1.7 International Education

To establish principles and guidelines that enable the college to realize the International Education Mission Statement. 

E-1.8 Prior Learning Assessment

To provide guidelines to determine the equivalencies of students' prior learning experiences to formal college credits. 

E-1.9 Program Advisory Committees

To establish common standards for the establishment and ongoing support of Camosun College Program Advisory Committees to better enable program currency and relevance and to provide a valued link to our community.

Supporting documents

E-1.10 Scheduling Instructional Space

To establish College-wide standards for scheduling instructional space and to define best practices for how it will be scheduled in order to maximize student access and space utilization. 

E-1.11 Program Suspension and Cancellation

All programs are evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure program relevancy and effectiveness. Where it is identified that a program is no longer sustainable, a recommendation may be made to suspend or cancel a program. 

E-1.12 Program Quality Assurance

Articulates the College’s commitment to program quality assurance and continuous improvement of the student learning experience and outcomes. 

E-1.13 Academic Integrity

The Academic Integrity policy outlines Camosun College’s academic expectations for all students and articulates the College’s values and principles with respect to upholding the highest standards of academic integrity. The policy and its supporting documents describe how matters of academic misconduct are addressed and resolved.

Supporting documents

E-1.14 Grade Review and Appeals

The purpose of the Grade Review and Appeals policy is to provide information, responsibilities, and processes for students who wish to request a review of term work, request a final grade review or appeal a final grade. It also informs instructors, department Chairs/Program Leaders, and College administrators of their responsibilities in the process.

Supporting documents

E-1.15 Academic Calendar

Describes and defines the annual Academic Calendar for regular studies at Camosun College. 

E-1.16 Evaluation of Student Learning

The purpose of the Evaluation of Student Learning policy is to provide guiding principles to support faculty in evaluating student learning in a fair manner.


E-1.17 Final Exam Reschedule and Repeat

The purpose of the Final Exam Repeat and Reschedule policy is to provide clear direction to Schools, instructors, and students on the rights and responsibilities with respect to Final Exams. Moreover, this policy articulates Camosun College’s values, principles, and conditions around rescheduling Final Exams and repeating Final Exams.

Supporting Documents

E-2 Student Services and Support

E-2.1 Admission

To define the criteria and conditions for admission to Camosun College and its programs. 

E-2.2 Course Withdrawals

To establish clear, consistent principles and guidelines for the course withdrawal process. 

E-2.3 Student Ancillary Fees

To establish guidelines for the assessment of student fees for goods and services provided by the college.

Supporting documents

E-2.5 Student Misconduct

To provide clear expectations of appropriate non-academic student conduct and to establish processes for resolution of conduct issues or the imposition of sanctions for inappropriate conduct.

Supporting documents

E-2.6 Tuition Fees

Establishes principles for a sustainable tuition fee model for base-funded courses and programs 

E-2.7 Student Penalties and Fines

To identify key principles related to the imposition of student penalties and fines. 

E-2.8 Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

To provide the option for a student to request a medical/compassionate withdrawal and fee refund under exceptional circumstances.

Supporting documents

E-2.9 Sexual Violence and Misconduct

To communicate Camosun College's commitment to prevent and respond to sexual violence and sexual misconduct.

Supporting documents

E-2.10 Involuntary Health and Safety Leave of Absence

To provide clear, consistent principles and commitments the college can apply when determining that a student require a leave of absence from their course work and/or the college community due to health and/or safety issue(s). 

E-2.11 Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The new policy sets out the standards and principles by which academic accommodations will be approved including expectations for both the institution and the student.

Supporting documents

E-3 Research and Copyright

E-3.1 Research at Camosun

To establish principles for maintaining high standards for research at Camosun College. 

E-3.2 Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Human Subjects

To establish principles and guidelines for maintaining quality and ethical standards and principles for the conduct of research on human subjects, and for reviewing such research activities that are undertaken, sponsored by, or involve Camosun College.

Supporting documents

E-3.3 Integrity in Research and Scholarship

To establish principles and guidelines that promote high standards of ethics and integrity in research and scholarship affiliated with the college. 

E-3.4 Copyright

To ensure that the College complies with the provisions of the Copyright Act of Canada. 

E-3.5 Commercialization of Intellectual Property

To establish principles and processes related to the commercialization of original copyright material and intellectual property including inventions, patents, and trademarks.

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