Camosun directives. 


D-1.1 Sponsorship

To create a consistent policy for solicited and non-solicited sponsorship opportunities while supporting the goals and objectives of Camosun College as a leader in post-secondary education and skills training.

D-1.2 Absences from Campus due to COVID-19

To direct employees and students experiencing COVID-19-associated symptoms or self-quarantining to report their absences and refrain from attending on campus.

D-1.3 Temporary Remote Working: COVID-19

The purpose of this directive is to provide employees - including Workplace Leaders (WPL) – with a common understanding of the obligations and responsibilities while working remotely in response to COVID-19.

Supporting documents

D-1.4 Election Campaigning on Campus

Questions can be expected on how to manage people on campus who are either campaigning for election or are campaigning for a candidate of their choice.

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