Registration Policies for Students

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of their program at Camosun College. They must:

  • ensure their complete high school records (usually Grades 10, 11 and 12) and any post-secondary records are on file prior to registration in classes;
  • ensure the Registration Department as proof of prerequisites on file for each course registration;
  • ensure they meet the prerequisite requirements for courses in which they enroll, that the Registration Department as proof of prerequisites on file for each course registration, and in the event, requirements are not met, they must drop from the course or may be withdrawn;
  • check the accuracy of their registration;
  • ensure that the selected courses are appropriate to their final goal;
  • determine if the selected courses will meet requirements for graduation at Camosun College or transfer to another institution (if required to meet the students' future educational goals);
  • ensure fees are paid by published deadlines;
  • attend the first week of classes;
  • ensure they drop from courses they are no longer interested in taking as soon as possible, and by published deadlines; and,
  • ensure the Registration Department has their current mailing and email address and phone numbers on file at all times.

Students planning to transfer from Camosun College to another post-secondary educational institution are advised to consult with the institution to which they are transferring in order to confirm the suitability of their courses and gather information on quotas, grade point averages (GPA) or other admission requirements.


It is each student's responsibility to attend the first class meeting of each course.  If a student does not attend and does not contact the instructor prior to the first class with a satisfactory explanation, they forfeit their seat in the course.  

Students who do not attend classes and/or do not officially withdraw prior to the add and drop deadlines will be required to pay all outstanding fees, will receive no further service until the fees are paid, and may receive an "F" grade.

As a courtesy to other students on a waitlist, please drop (or remove yourself from a waitlist) any course you are no longer interested in taking as soon as possible.

Compassionate Leave of Absence

If there is a death of an immediate family member and a student has to be absent from classes, the student should notify Camosun by contacting the school offering the program or course.

Students who are unable to complete or succeed in their studies by virtue of serious and demonstrated exceptional circumstances, such as sudden/serious illness or accident, health or mental health issues, or death in the immediate family, may request a medical or compassionate withdrawal.

If a student does not attend classes and does not officially drop on or before the add and drop deadlines, he or she will be required to pay all outstanding fees, will receive no further service until the fees are paid, and may receive an "F" grade.

Full-Time Enrolment

There are many different guidelines for determining whether a student is a "full-time" student.

Camosun College's definition of full time is that the student be enrolled in at least 60% of a full-time course load for their program of studies. (This measure is used to support eligibility for financial aid.)

Some external agencies may set different requirements and guidelines (e.g., Canada Customs and Revenue requires students to be enrolled in a minimum of 10 hours per week).

Registration Process


Camosun College uses a web-based registration system called myCamosun. myCamosun provides services for students to check available course offerings and timetables, self-register in classes, pay fees, view grades, update personal contact information, and provides information relevant to each registration period.

Students who are required to register in courses using myCamosun will be provided access and instructions on using myCamosun prior to their first registration period.

Students who are not required to use myCamosun will be notified.

Registration Deposit (Non-refundable)

Note For information on International Student Applications, please see the Camosun International website.

For each academic session, most new and continuing students are required to pay a $175 non-refundable registration deposit:

  • at least one week prior to their registration date; OR
  • according to deadlines provided by the Registration Department to confirm acceptance into a credit program.

This registration deposit is not an additional fee. It will be applied to the total fees for that academic period.

Note Payment of a registration deposit does not guarantee entry to courses as this is dependent upon academic prerequisites and upon the availability of seats.

Registration Priority

For some college programs, it is necessary to assign different registration dates to students needing the same courses. The following guidelines direct this process:

  • Continuing students generally have registration priority;
  • Priority for continuing students may be established by the number of credits successfully completed and successful academic standing;
  • The college reserves the right to register new and returning students before continuing students who fail to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress.

Course Prerequisite Assessments

Course prerequisite assessments can occur when a Chair, Coordinator or designate ascertains a learner can enter a course without meeting the defined prerequisites. If approved, the Chair, Coordinator or designate will provide the learner with a signed Prerequisite Waiver form to present to the Registration Department. Course prerequisite assessments are course-and term-specific and do not provide entry to other courses with the same prerequisite.

Auditing Courses

Course Audit – General Interest

Course Audit – General Interest registration is for those individuals who are interested in taking a credit course for general interest only, and who have no intention of completing course work or writing exams for the audited course. Students auditing a course for general interest only:

  • Will apply and register from the first day of class until the add and drop deadlines, and only with instructor permission. Apply using the Audit Application form.
  • An instructor may sign an Audit Application form if space is available after waitlisted students have been served;
  • Will pay 50% of the course tuition plus ancillary fees;
  • Will not have to satisfy course prerequisites;
  • Will be expected to attend classes regularly. No assignments are expected, no examinations are written;
  • Cannot use audited courses as credits for student loan purposes;
  • Cannot be changed to credit (enrolled status);
  • Are not assigned a grade other than "AUD";
  • Cannot use an "AUD" grade as a prerequisite for other courses; and,
  • An "AUD" grade is not calculated in GPA.

Course Audit – Students Currently Enrolled in Credit Courses

An audit student is one who participates in a credit course while concurrently enrolled in other credit classes. Current students auditing courses must be aware of the following:

  • Enrolled students can change to audit during the first 66% of the semester/ term with instructor permission. An authorized Permission to Audit form must be submitted to the Student Records office;
  • If not enrolled, an instructor may sign a Permission to Audit form if space is available after waitlisted students have been served;
  • If not enrolled, with instructor permission will register between the first day of class until the add/drop deadlines.

As an Audit student, you:

  • Will pay 50% of the tuition for the audit course until add/drop deadline; However, if changing from registered to audit status after the add/drop deadline, full tuition fees will be applied;
  • Will be expected to attend classes regularly. No assignments are expected, no examinations are written;
  • Cannot use audited courses as credits for student loan purposes;
  • Are assigned a grade "AUD";
  • Cannot use an "AUD" grade as a prerequisite for other courses; and,
  • An "AUD" grade is not calculated in GPA.

Course Waitlists

In the event that a preferred course is full, students should:

  • select an alternate section (time/day);
  • select an alternate course; or,
  • waitlist for the preferred course and section.

Course Waitlist Procedure

Students may add themselves to one waitlist per course if that course is full. Students will be notified by email if a seat becomes available and will have until 11:59pm the next day to register for the course. Those who choose not to register will be removed from the waitlist.

Prior to the start of classes, waitlisted students should contact the instructor to indicate their interest in staying on the waitlist. Students may be removed from a waitlist at the discretion of the instructor if they fail to communicate their interest. Available seats will continue to be offered by email every 24 hours until the add and drop deadlines.

Changes in Registration

Adding Courses

Regular online course registration continues up until midnight of the add and drop deadline.

A student may add a course after the add and drop deadline; however, a 'Request to Add/Drop a Course After Deadlines' form must be authorized by both the instructor and the Dean (or Dean’s designate).

Exception Self-paced Academic Upgrading courses may accept students up to two months after the start of classes, with permission of the school.

Dropping Courses

Students can drop from courses up until the add and drop deadline without tuition charge, less the non-refundable registration deposit. Students who have paid for a dropped course before this deadline will receive a full refund, less the non-refundable registration deposit.

Students who fail to drop prior to the deadline will be required to pay outstanding fees; or, if paid, will not receive a refund.

Course Withdrawals

Camosun College recognizes that students may need to drop from courses after the add and drop deadline. The deadline to drop without academic penalty falls after completion of 66% of the course length. Students wishing to officially drop from a course before this deadline can do so on myCamosun. Dropping from credit courses does not affect grade point averages (GPA) providing students officially drop before the deadline.

Drops will not be permitted after this deadline date. As established in the Course Withdrawal Policy, students who have attended one or more classes who do not officially drop prior to the published deadlines, and who fail to successfully complete required course work, will be assigned the final grade earned.

Note Students are recommended to assess the impact of adding/dropping courses, as it may affect the completion of Camosun programs or transfer to university. Students may wish to consult with Academic Advisors or Program Chairs.

Adding/dropping courses during the academic year may jeopardize student eligibility to continue to receive financial aid during that year. It is imperative that students receiving assistance consult the Financial Aid and Awards office before any drop of courses, or change of program.

Career and Vocational Programs

To be fully informed of the implications of dropping from a course, students enrolled in career and vocational programs are required to obtain the signature of their program Chair/Leader prior to dropping via completion of a Request to Drop from Career or Vocational Program or Course(s) After Fee Deadline form.

International Students

International students who wish to drop are required to consult with an International Advisor.

Medical/Compassionate Withdrawals

Students who have significant, extenuating medical or compassionate circumstances and who wish to withdraw after the deadline may submit a medical/compassionate withdrawal appeal to the Registrar. Appeals are normally accepted only up to the last day of instructional activity (prior to final exams).   To be considered for a refund (less the non-refundable registration deposit and all Student Society fees) after the drop with refund deadline for medical/compassionate reasons, a complete medical/compassionate withdrawal appeal form and supporting documentation must be received by the Registrar by or before the last date to drop without academic penalty (typically up to 66% of a course duration). Please read the Policy for more information.