Academic Policies and Procedures for Students

It's important to know and understand your rights and responsibilities as a student so we've created a summary of the most referenced academic policies, procedures, expectations and accountabilities.

Academic Policies and Procedures

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Camosun College gathers and maintains information used for the purpose of admission, registration and other activities related to being a member of the Camosun College community and attending a post-secondary institution in British Columbia.

In signing an application for admission, all applicants are advised that both the personal information they provide and any other personal information placed into the student record will be protected and used or disclosed in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Further, the information is used for administrative and statistical research purposes of the college and/or the ministries or agencies of the Government of British Columbia and the Government of Canada. The information will be protected, used, and disclosed in compliance with the College and Institute Act and the Freedom of information and Privacy Act. Camosun College may be required to disclose a student's personal information in the case of compelling circumstances where there is a risk to the health and safety of the student or of others.

Student Conduct Policy

Camosun College students are expected to comply with the standards of conduct set out in the Student Conduct Policy (E-2.5).

Student Appeals Policy

Camosun College is committed to the provision of a fair and timely appeal process through which student concerns regarding final grades and imposed discipline can be addressed. Students have access to a multi-stage process within their Schools for appealing a decision regarding a final grade or imposed discipline.

Refer to Policy E-2.4 Student Appeals.

Student Penalties and Fines Policy

Refer to Policy E-2.7 Student Penalties and Fines

Program/Course Withdrawals Policy

Refer to Policy E-2.2 Course Withdrawals