Required Agreements

Agreements are assigned to most students and provide important policy and procedure information, such as Academic Integrity. Certain agreements may require acceptance prior to enrollment activity.

How to find and action your student agreements

1. Find your agreements

Under the User Options menu in myCamosun, click 'Required Agreements'.

Any agreements assigned to you will appear listed on the Required Agreements page. If no agreements are assigned to you, a message will appear in the blue information banner.

User Options - Required Agreements

2. View your agreements

Click the 'View' link in the Action column to display the agreement content.

Required Agreement - View link

3. Action your agreements

Click 'Accept', 'Decline' or 'Cancel' in the Agreement pop up box. Next, click 'No' or 'Yes' to print a copy of the agreement.

Tip: Not all agreements have an option to Decline

Required Agreements - Pop Up

4. View your agreement status 

View the updated status of your agreement on the Required Agreements page.

Required Agreements - Updated Status