Student Stories

The world is changing faster than ever

As we work through pandemic recovery, find solutions to climate change, and right the inequities and barriers facing people, particularly marginalized and Indigenous peoples.  We also face the reality of a job market that will demand 80% of people requiring post-secondary education, and 37% of new jobs coming from an expanding economy. Change is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. 

Future ready

At Camosun's we prepare students for jobs that don’t yet exist, building the skills to successfully navigate and succeed in an ever-changing work landscape and rise to the challenges of today and the coming decades.

Jaime, a Health Care Assistant student working in the teaching lab


"I loved seeing all the diversity on campus and how welcoming and kind the staff are. Whenever I needed help with assignments, or even personal matters there was always someone there. It made it easier to be successful in the program."

Jaime's story

Alisha, an Indigenous Education student participating in a smudging

A voice for change

"I am encouraged to speak out and self advocate. This in turn helps inspire me to do research, advocate for others and push for systemic changes." 

Alisha's story

Lacey, a Mechanical Engineering Technologist working in Camosun Innovates

Supporting success

“I came to Camosun not really knowing what I wanted to do. When we toured Camosun Innovates as part of our Mechanical Engineering section (Civil Engineering Access program), I was hooked. I switched programs a week later.” 

Lacey's story

Lorenzo, a Tourism and Hospitality Management program student working in Dunlop House

Serving up a sustainable future

“Camosun’s Applied Tourism & Hospitality Management program taught me it's much more than that. It's about the people, the community, about the land we live on and how all these play a vital role in ensuring that a business is a success and sustainable.” 

Lorenzo's story


Micah, a Sport Management student working in the PISE classroom

Transforming the future

"Post-degree I want to take those perspectives and experiences to help change the organizations I am involved with to be more inclusive and enjoyable for everyone."

Micah's story

Morganna, a sheet-metal student working in the Sheet Metal Shop

Breaking stereotypes

"I was surprised to find out that the majority of my classmates in Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication were women. It's really great to see others bravely pursuing career paths which go against stereotypical norms."

Morganna's story


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Lorenzo, a Tourism and Hospitality Management program student checking inventory in Dunlop House
Change Faster