Rob's biggest artistic inspiration: community

Before starting in Camosun College’s Visual Arts program, Rob’s biggest challenge was deciding what direction in the arts he wanted to go.

A guy with long hair smiling, while sitting in a visual arts classroom.

“The program at Camosun covers a large variety of disciplines in the Visual Arts,” says Rob. “Fortunately, the program covers so many different disciplines that it gave me a chance to explore what I would want to pursue.”

He found that his passions lean more towards photography, filmmaking and animation. “But getting the opportunity to experiment with other mediums was extremely valuable,” says Rob. As well, he discovered the importance of community at Camosun.

“There is a great sense of community among students here,”

- Rob Doucette

What’s best about art school is the people you meet here and often they’re the ones who inspire you the most.” Now that he’s moving on in his art studies, Rob has the opportunity to reflect on his experience at Camosun. “I feel very lucky to have studied somewhere that sees the importance in the arts and the wonderful faculty who are supporting the next wave of artists.”


Looking down the walkway next to Dawson building, Lansdowne campus.

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