Indoor Air Quality

Good indoor air quality enhances our health, comfort and productivity. Each member of the College community has a role in ensuring a healthy indoor air environment exists for their workplace. This includes building occupants, schools & departments, Facilities Services and Occupational Health Safety. 

Air quality issues?

The following are general guidelines that can be applied when indoor air quality concerns arise:

  • Nuisance odour concerns (scented fragrances, cleaning supplies, office plants and flowers, etc.) Please refer to
  • Concerns related to building systems such as ventilation or plumbing should be reported to Facilities Services (local 3041-Lansdowne or 3889-Interurban). These include concerns about building temperature, humidity and air circulation, and odours arising from plumbing fixtures or ventilation ducts (e.g. sewer gas, noxious chemicals, exhaust fumes). If you have an unusual air quality problem or just require some general information, please contact our office.

Smoking and vaping on campus is allowed only in designated outdoor areas.

Clearing the air - Camosun's HVAC systems

Take a tour of Camosun's building ventilation systems with Camosun's, Manager of Facilities Operations, Julie Oakley who explains how these efficient and effective building ventilation systems work.