Instructional Skills Workshop

Working in a fun, safe environment with colleagues from across the college, the ISW is a peer-based workshop designed to improve teaching practice.

About ISW

The 3½ day Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is an excellent professional development opportunity for Camosun faculty.  Working in a fun, safe environment with colleagues from across the college, the ISW is a peer-based workshop designed to improve teaching practice.

It also gives participants credit towards PIDP 3220 (Delivery of Instruction), one of the courses of the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program.

Since 1978, the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) has been a highly effective process by which new and experienced educators at colleges and universities across North America enhance their teaching skills.

Fall 2024 Instructional Skills Workshops are now open for registration:

  • August 26-29, 2024 at the Lansdowne Campus  Register
  • December 16-19, 2024 at the Lansdowne Campus  Register


What you will learn

Practice your skills in a friendly environment

The essential idea behind the ISW is to give educators a chance to practice teaching in a friendly environment. In a supportive atmosphere, participants have a chance to try new teaching approaches and to sharpen existing skills. During the workshop, they design and conduct three “mini-lessons” and receive verbal, written and video feedback from their peers.

The success of this program relies on the active participation and collaboration of all participants who, as a team, work together to support each other in enhancing their teaching effectiveness. A certificate of completion is awarded to each participant.

What teaching skills will participants learn?

  • How to design a lesson plan that contains clearly defined steps to improve the clarity of lessons
  • How to write learning outcomes
  • Active learning strategies
  • The reflective process
  • Learning and teaching styles
  • Assessment techniques that can be used immediately in the classroom
  • How to work effectively in groups
  • How to give and receive constructive feedback
  • Increased confidence as an educator

A typical ISW includes:

  • A review of important concepts in group teaching situations, such as planning a lesson, increasing participatory learning and providing feedback to students
  • The opportunity to teach three short lessons in a group setting, and to receive constructive feedback from facilitator and peers
  • Sessions on a variety of teaching and learning topics such as learning styles, questioning skills, classroom activities and evaluation of student learning
  • Role modeling of teaching styles by workshop facilitators

Why participate in an ISW?

It is an opportunity to:

  • Work closely with peers and facilitators from across disciplines to reflect upon and improve your teaching
  • Practice a variety of instructional techniques in a supportive atmosphere
  • Receive valuable feedback immediately following your teaching
  • Recharge your batteries



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