Human Resources Team Charter

Inspiring a culture of excellence… leading by example.

We commit to building a harmonious work environment that is grounded in trust and respect by:

  • Being self aware and reflective
  • Engaging in respectful, open and honest communication
  • Embracing curiosity by seeking input and being open to different perspectives
  • Assuming others are coming from a place of good intentions
  • Acknowledging and resolving conflict when it happens in a healthy and constructive manner

We commit to making decisions by:

  • Collaborating with others as appropriate and knowing when to bring consultation to a close
  • Basing decisions on facts and information

We commit to being accountable by:

  • Creating a safe environment where people can take informed risks, learn from their mistakes and engage in difficult conversations
  • Ensuring the ability to deliver on commitments

We commit to providing appreciation and support by:

  • Valuing each member of the team for their uniqueness and recognizing what they bring
  • Understanding each other's roles
  • Asking for and offering help—and knowing that we are there for one another
  • Celebrating milestones both big and small as they happen
  • Inspiring each other to grow and challenge our limits

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