Visual Guidelines for Camosun Student Groups

Students are sometimes expected to plan, organize and promote events as class assignments. The college understands and wants to support student projects. It’s important to have a clear visual distinction between official college events and student-produced events.


There are special logos for students and clear guidelines about what is and isn’t appropriate when designing promotional materials.

  • Do not use the official Camosun colours on student-produced materials – Inspiring Lime (HEX: #91BE37) or Grey (HEX: #5A5A5A).
  • Do not use the official Camosun College logos on student-produced materials. Do not take screenshots of the logos from the Camosun website. Never manipulate or alter the Camosun College logo.
  • Identify your promotional materials as student-produced by including the Camosun Student-Produced logo somewhere on the design.

Find .png files for print and web

a visualization of the appropriate  whitespace around the Camosun student-produced logo

Note: Samples above are shown on a blue background to help you visualize transparent areas in the design.