Digital Signage

Digital signage is a way for groups across the college the opportunity to connect, learn, and share information related to Camosun.

How to contribute

Central Content

Camosun's Central Communications and Marketing team manages the central content playlist, a dynamic showcase for events and activities relevant to the college community.

Submissions Welcome

We encourage all members of the Camosun community—students, staff, and faculty—to contribute to the digital signage. If you have an event, announcement, or update you would like to share, simply follow our submission guidelines to ensure your content meets our standards for clarity, relevance, and visual appeal.

Submission guidelines

Students, staff and faculty can all submit content related Camosun services, events, updates and special projects. Please note that all content will be displayed subject to approval and availability.

  1. Design: Ensure your content aligns with Camosun's brand guidelines and is visually engaging.
  2. Relevance: Make sure your content is of interest to the broader campus community.
  3. Values: Ensure your content reflects Camosun's mission and values as outlined in our Strategic Framework.
  4. Technical Specifications: Submit static content as a 1920x1080 JPEG and video content as a 1080p MP4 or WebM file (videos should be no longer than 15 seconds and have no audio).
  5. Approval Process: All submissions are subject to approval by the central Communications and Marketing team.
  6. Frequency: Each department or group may submit a maximum of two slides at a time. Submissions must be made individually through the online submission form.
  7. Updates: Content is updated twice monthly, specifically every second Wednesday. The submission deadline for content is the Friday before this update day. Please plan accordingly to ensure your content is published on time.
Sample image of the frame currently used to display both submitted content as well as general information from Camosun.

The custom frame is currently designed to display both submitted content as well as general information from Camosun.

 Why digital screens?

  • Uses existing monitors to offer more visual communications opportunities.
  • Increases visibility of services, events and updates throughout the college.
  • Allows anyone with Camosun ID to submit content for display using processes similar to other communications tools (CamNews, Website Feedback and Support)
  • As this project expands, screens in more buildings throughout both campuses will be made available to book.