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Social Work

People interacting with their environments

Be a problem-solver, promote social change, and empower individuals, families and communities to improve their outlooks and well being. Learn and employ an understanding of social behaviour, social systems, principles of human rights and social justice.

Where do social workers work?

Social workers are found in many settings including schools, family and child services, community care, non-government welfare agencies, correctional services, public welfare, private practice, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, general and psychiatric hospitals, agency administration, federal, provincial, and municipal government departments, social policy, planning and research, and charity and religious organizations.

Social workers spend most of their time in an office or residential facility but they may travel locally to visit clients or meet with service providers.

Program or individual courses

You can take Social Work courses within one of our two-year programs or as individual courses on a part-time basis. If you plan to take Social Work courses on their own, you will select University Transfer as your program option when you apply online to Camosun.

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