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Graduation and Credentials

Congratulations! After you successfully complete the requirements for your program, Student Records will complete the graduation process and issue your well-earned parchment.

Submit your application to graduate and RSVP to the Convocation ceremony.

Are you eligible to apply to graduate?

At the beginning of your last semester, ensure all your program course requirements in ‘My Program’ in myCamosun are  ‘In-progress’ or ‘Completed’:

  1. Log in to myCamosun
  2. Go to ‘Student Planning’, then ‘My Program’, then ‘Program Requirements’
  3. ‘Expand All’
  4. View all program requirements and ensure all required course statuses are ‘In-progress’ or ‘Completed

If your program requirements are not all ‘In-progress’ or ‘Completed’ and courses show as ‘Not Started’ or ‘Planned’ in ‘My Program’ but you believe you should be eligible. Please contact Advising:


  • If the program you are intending to graduate from this term is not an active program in ‘My Program’ please request to have it opened by emailing credentials@camosun.ca and include your name, student ID and program to be opened.
  • If you have courses that are not started but you believe you meet the course requirements, contact Advising.
  • If you have approved transfer credit that has not been applied to your course requirements, contact Advising.
  • If you have an optional co-op or internship designation that you do not plan to complete and it is preventing you from applying to graduate, email credentials@camosun.ca and include your name, student ID and program and request to have your co-op or internship designation removed.

When to Apply

You are required to apply to graduate during the term in which you are completing your final program requirements, i.e. your final courses are in 2022W, therefore, you apply to graduate in 2022W: February 15 to April 30. To avoid missing any deadlines, please apply to graduate in the application period for your respective final term listed below. 

Application to Graduate Deadlines


Application Period Opens

Application Period Closes

2022 Winter

February 15

April 30

2022 Summer

July 15August 31

2022 Fall

November 15

December 31

How to Apply & RSVP to Convocation

  • Log in to myCamosun and ensure you are eligible to apply to graduate (see ‘Are you eligible to apply to graduate’ above).
  • Select “Graduation Overview
  • Select “Apply” to your program of study
  • Complete “Application Details” and “Convocation Ceremony Details
  • Submit


  • Final grades do not have to be submitted for you to apply to graduate.
  • If the ‘Apply’ button does not appear for you, see ‘Troubleshooting’ above. If you experience further issues, please email credentials@camosun.ca and include your name, student ID and program.

Credentialing Process

Once the final marks have been entered and the graduation process has been completed, the graduation notation (credential name and date awarded) will appear on your transcript and your application to graduate will no longer be visible. All parchments are then produced in one batch, after all credentials have been awarded, then mailed.

Credentialing Process

  • The credentialing process occurs 4-6 weeks after the Application to Graduate closes for each semester.
  • All grades must be submitted and verified for files to be assessed for credentialing.
  • Once the final marks have been entered and the credentialing process has been completed, the awarded credential will appear on your transcript.
  • Your application to graduate will no longer be visible on the Graduation Overview page once credentialed.
  • Parchments will be mailed via Canada Post 4-6 weeks after all credentials have been processed (entire process can take up to 12 weeks from the date the application to graduate closes to the time the parchment is mailed from Camosun College via Canada Post).
  • Parchments will be mailed to the address supplied during the application to graduate process.


  • Parchments will not be released if fees or fines are owed to the college
  • If you require a change of address for your parchment and it’s after the application to graduate period, please email credentials@camosun.ca. Changing your address in your student profile will not update the mailing address of your parchment.
  • If you indicated you will attend the convocation ceremony, the Convocation Committee will contact you by email in June with more information regarding the ceremony
  • If you are unsure whether your application to graduate was processed or unsure if you applied to graduate, please check your transcript on myCamosun for the credential notation before contacting us or applying to graduate.
  • Official transcripts must be ordered through myCamosun; they are not automatically provided upon credentialing
  • International students: order letters of completion here and include in the comment box: “Letter of Completion for PGWP”. All other questions regarding PGWP, please email international_advisors@camosun.ca
A young student in a  graduation cap and gown proudly shows off his diploma

Convocation & Alumni Status

When you apply to graduate on myCamosun you will RSVP to your convocation ceremony.

For information about your convocation ceremony, visit our Convocation page.

As Camosun alumnus, there are many services available to you through the Alumni Association.

Replacement or Duplicate Parchments

Replacement parchments will be provided to a graduate whose name has changed or whose parchment has been lost/destroyed.

Duplicate parchments will be stamped 'Duplicate'.

To formally request a replacement or duplicate parchment, please email – Graduation and Credentials: credentials@camosun.ca.  Please include:

  • Your full name
  • Student ID
  • Date of birth
  • Indicate whether it is a replacement (your original was lost/destroyed) or a duplicate (copy)
  • The name(s) of the credential(s) for which you are requesting a replacement or duplicate parchment
  • The address to which you would like it mailed (no pick-up option available)
  • Your name as you wish for it to appear on your parchment


BC Adult Graduation Diploma (BCAGD)

Visit here for information about the BC Adult Graduation Diploma. Once you have completed your course requirements, do the following:

  1. Contact Academic Advising to confirm you meet the course requirements
  2. Once course requirements are met, email Student Records – Graduation and Credentials at credentials@camosun.ca with your request to apply to graduate from the BCAGD. Please include: your full name, student ID, the name you wish to appear on your diploma and the address to which you would like it mailed (no pick-up option available).

You will receive your credential via Canada Post within 4-6 weeks from your email request.

Contact information

Graduation and Credentials

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