Indigenous Elder

Indigenization Initiative - Leadership Structure

Leadership of the initiative comes from Indigenous community representatives, is supported at all levels of leadership within the college, and has a dedicated coordinator.

College Support

Camosun College is committed to providing accessible, quality programming that serves all learners in our regional communities. The goals of the Indigenization Initiative are to make Camosun as welcoming and relevant to Indigenous learners as we can be, and to prepare non-Indigenous students, graduates and employees to better understand, live alongside of, and work with Indigenous peoples.

Project Leadership

Eyēʔ Sqȃ’lewen: The Centre for Indigenous Education and Community Connections (IECC) is located in the Education division and thus the Vice-President (VP) Education is ultimately responsible for its operations. The centre is led by the Director of IECC. Functional leadership is provided by the indigenization coordinator . The VP Education, a number of members of the Senior Leadership Council (SLC), and the Director of Educational Planning are members of the Indigenization Committee.

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Community Support

Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC)

The Indigenous Advisory Council (IAC) is a community-based advisory council that provides direction to the college president regarding Indigenous programming, partnership and services at Camosun College and provides direction to IECC.  Its members take information from the college back into community. Founded in 1991, it is the longest continuously-run post-secondary Indigenous Advisory Council in the province. All Indigenous programs and activities at Camosun are vetted through the Council, including major activities of the Indigenization Initiative. 

Indigenization Committee

The Indigenization Committee (IC) supports Indigenization at Camosun College in collaboration with the Indigenization Coordinator's efforts and priorities to:

The committee reflects the Indigenous principles of relationship, respect, reciprocity and responsibility. In this context, the committee advises, informs and collaborates with the VP Education.

The IC has representation from across the college, as well as an Elder representative, Indigenous student representative and a representative from the IAC.

Leadership of the Initiative

Indigenization Coordinator

The Indigenization Coordinator works with employees at all levels across the college and across the four corner post areas. There is an emphasis on building relationships and inspiring interest in deepening intercultural understanding and helping employees develop the knowledge and skills to enhance their work with students and with one another.

IECC Director

The Director of Eyēʔ Sqȃ'lewen: Centre for Indigenous Education and Community Connections oversees the Indigenization Initiative and works with the Indigenization Coordinator to affect change across the four corner post areas: curriculum processes, services to students, policy and planning and employee education.

Eyēʔ Sqȃ'lewen, pronounced Eye. Sh-KWAW-leh-win is a Lekwungen word that references "good heart, good mind, good feelings".

Indigenization Committee Working Groups

Indigenization is a collaborative effort with complex functions that sometimes require pulling a group of people together quickly to work on a current issue. Members of the committee and others at the college work together on a variety of events, projects, and initiatives helping to broaden the impact of Indigenization.