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Camosun College Entrance Award

Recognizing outstanding academic achievement upon high school graduation. The Camosun College Entrance Award is open to students entering full-time studies in the fall semester at Camosun College after taking one or more years off after high school for activities such as work or travel.


Dr. Liz Ashton High Performance Sport Award

The Dr. Liz Ashton High Performance Sport Award is a non-repayable award that recognizes the athletic achievements of a student entering a program in the Camosun Centre for Sport & Exercise Education in the Fall semester.


Irene Cameron Bursary

The Irene Cameron Bursary for Office Administration will provide financial assistance to two students in the Office Administration Program who have demonstrated financial need. These bursaries are funded by the Victoria Foundation.


Joyce Family Foundation Entrance Bursaries

The Joyce Family Foundation Entrance Bursary is available to new students who demonstrate critical financial need and will enter full-time studies in the fall semester at Camosun College. Annual availability of this award may vary. 

Group work at the Lansdowne Library

Adult Upgrading Grant

If you're attending Camosun in one of the School of Access programs you may be eligible to have your tuition, deposit and fees paid.