Dean Cynthia Smith 2019 CHW Awards Ceremony

Cynthia Smith Student Representative Award

School of Health and Human Services

Award at a glance


Dollar value





Student Representative


Cynthia Smith

Number of Awards

1 or 2

Award description

This award is for a student in the School of Health & Human Services who has served as a Student Representative for their program, for at least one year or two semesters.

Application period opens October 1st each year



The Student must:

  • be a student representative in a program within the School of Health and Human Services, and have served in the current year.
  • be enrolled in a program within the School of Health and Human Services (Area of study – select “Health Sciences” and “Human Services”) during the current offering or academic calendar year.

While academic achievement is not a primary consideration, it will be considered.

Preference will be given to students who have not already received other awards.

Application process

Selection process

Applicants will demonstrate in writing:

  • Their commitment to the Camosun community and the student education experience.
  • Their leadership skills. 

The Dean will make a decision in consultation with the program chair. 



Application process

Selection process

Get nominated!

Most of the awards are given to students on the basis of nomination. You will be selected by your instructors or the chair of the department based on your academic performance, enthusiasm, participation and volunteer or work experience.