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Anthropology is an exciting discipline that offers insight into who we are as a species and how we came to be.

The study of humanity

Because the scope of interest is so wide, anthropology is broken into four sub-fields: cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological. Camosun offers courses in each of these fields.

Anthropology Courses

Related programs

Camosun offers flexible programs that give you the chance to explore your passion for Anthropology:

Photomontage of people

ANTH 104 - Intro to Anthropology

Explore what it means to be human: our evolution, cultural diversity and ability to adapt to our ever-changing world. 


In the classroom

Anthropology provides valuable insight into many contemporary issues such as First Nations land claims, the transmission of HIV-AIDS and other infectious diseases, global migration, the human genome and language extinction. A discipline that views humans as both biological and cultural beings, we offer a holistic understanding of human concerns and problems.

Part-time or full-time studies

You can take Anthropology courses within one of our 2-year programs or as individual courses on a part-time basis. If you plan to take Anthropology courses on their own, you will select University Transfer as your program option when you apply online to Camosun.

"The great revelation of anthropology is that there are other ways of being, other ways of thinking, other ways of organizing yourself on the planet. And that's an idea that not only fills you with hope, it shows you the absolute importance of cultural diversity." Wade Davis

Anthropology faculty

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Peter Ove | Social Sciences Chair


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