Francis Adu-Febiri

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Instructor, Sociology

Francis Adu-Febiri



Ewing Building

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MA Sociology - Simon Fraser University, PhD Sociology - University of British Columbia

Indigenous Studies

School of Arts and Science

Dr. Francis Adu-Febiri is an African-Canadian born and raised in Ghana, West Africa. He holds a Sociology BA (honours) degree from University of Ghana, an MA from Simon Fraser University and a PhD from the University of British Columbia. He is a Sociology Professor and former Chair of the Social Sciences Department at Camosun. In addition, Dr. Adu-Febiri has been an Adjunct Professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University and the Faculty of Graduate Studies at University of Victoria serving on a number of MA and PhD committees.

Francis has also supervised a Master’s Thesis at Royal Roads University. His research program focuses on using the Human Factor Competency model to decolonize and indigenize a) tourism, b) microfinance, c) diversity, and d) education practices in the context of globalization. He has taught diversity and race/ethnicity courses at the University of Victoria for over fifteen years. Francis has done a number of scholarly presentations in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. He has served on many panel discussions, made presentations at Correctional Institutions in BC, and has been expert witness on racism in some BC provincial and supreme courts. He has published extensively in academic journals on the topics of diversity, racialization, ethnicity, tourism, human factor development, and globalization. Dr. Adu-Febiri is the author of First Nations Students Talk Back: Voices of a Learning People and also the co-author of Succeeding From the Margins of Canadian Society: A Strategic Resource for New Immigrants, Refugees and International Students.

Francis is the founder and President of Workplace Diversity Consulting Services. He was the Chair of the Ethno-cultural Advisory Committee of the Ministry of Children and Family Development, South Vancouver Island Region, for many years. In addition, he is the Co-Chair of the Camosun African Awareness Committee (AAC) and the President of the Canadian Chapter of the International Institute for Human Factor Development. He initiated the establishment of the African Heritage Association of Vancouver Island (AHAVI).

Francis has received a couple of research grants. He was also a recipient of the 2007 International Spirit Award of Camosun and a 2007-2008 National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development (NISOD) Excellence Award, University of Texas at Austin. In November 2009, Camosun honored him with Camosun Celebrates Excellence Award, Community Impact category. Recently [August 30, 2018] Dr. Adu-Febiri received the Camosun School of Arts & Science Award for Excellence in Research, Innovation or Scholarly Activity. Currently Francis is using Creativity & Innovation grant to do a research project on living portraits of decolonized and indigenized diversity practices.