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Instructor, Political Science

Daniel Reeve




Paul Building

P 230

MA Political Science

School of Arts and Science

Daniel Reeve graduated from the University of Victoria’s Contemporary Social & Political Thought program with an MA in Political Science. To enrich his classes, Daniel draws from his hands on experience in Canadian politics. He has served as a senior political aide and public servant for the Province of British Columbia. A lifelong political activist, he helped organize and run numerous municipal, provincial, and federal election campaigns. In addition to his work in politics, Mr. Reeve’s teaching approach is influenced by has a background in athletics that saw him train athletes and mentor instructors and coaches. A consistently popular instructor, his passion for politics and love of teaching is evident in every class.


  • PSC 105 Introduction to Politics
  • PSC 210 Political Ideas for Change

PSC 105 provides students with a foundation in the major themes of political science. Students will leave this course with a better appreciation of the ideas, actors and institutions that shape their everyday life. This newfound knowledge will not only fortify students in their pursuit of the sub-disciplines of political science such as comparative politics, political theory, and international relations, but also prove valuable in the study of business, criminology, philosophy, social work, and history among others. The ultimate goal of this course is to help students begin the exploration of a vastly complex and interrelated world through the insightful lens of the ‘master discipline’.