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Alex & Jo Campbell  Centre for Health & Wellness

Vital part of healthcare

This comprehensive program will prepare you for an essential role in the healthcare team by producing ultrasound scans used to diagnose, treat, and monitor a variety of medical conditions. Explore core sonographic competencies and one of three specialty disciplines, General, Cardiac, or Vascular.

In demand profession

Certified ultrasound technologists are one of the most in-demand and sought-after diagnostic imaging health professionals. Due to expanding services, rapidly emerging technologies, and increasing patient populations sonographers command top salaries and often find permanent employment opportunities immediately after graduation.

Are you a future Diagnostic Medical Sonographer?

Sonographers and echocardiographers image vital organs, beating hearts, and babies in the womb to provide physicians with technical impressions of findings used for diagnosing, treating, and monitoring a variety of medical conditions.

To succeed in this demanding program and career, you should have strong academic skills, good organizational practices and a sense of social responsibility and caring. You'll be working in a team environment, using your ability to think critically and problem solve while expressing a real desire to serve the public.

You should be an independent learner with the ability to integrate and apply information. Computer literacy is essential since many courses will be taught online.

Information Sessions

Find out more about upcoming networking and information sessions occurring at Camosun. 

SONO Student Handbook

Information for current SONO students.  

HHS Student Handbook 

Information for School of Health and Human Services students. 

An Investment in Your Career

Invest in yourself! Get the skills you'll need to begin a challenging and rewarding career as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

Estimated tuition

Effective from September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

$37,188 (domestic)

Medical Sonographers in the making 

You'll learn a wide variety of practical and patient care skills. Our program is hands-on, with clinical placements throughout your time at Camosun. You'll learn about the science of ultrasound, anatomy and physiology, your role within the medical profession and how to treat patients ethically and with compassion. Located at our Interurban campus, you'll learn how to perform a comprehensive range of entry-to-practice general, obstetrical, cardiac, and vascular ultrasound scans while building theoretical knowledge for advanced and interventional sonography practice.

Diploma program

You'll experience a variety of approaches to educational delivery including traditional face-to-face classroom instruction, practical simulation labs, courses combining face-to-face instruction with distributed education (online learning) support, exclusively online courses, seminars, and supervised clinical practice.

Graduates who pass their National Certification exams are qualified to work all across Canada providing competent, compassionate, culturally appropriate sonography care and service with the highest level of professionalism in both public and private diagnostic imaging facilities.

Curriculum & courses

Admission Requirements

Ready to get started? Get your application in for the September intake.

When you apply you will need to submit proof that you meet the following admission requirements.

Tip: Where a letter grade is specified, you must have proof of that grade or higher.

One of: *

  • B in English 12 
  • B English Language Proficiency
  • B in Camosun Alternative 

One of: *

  • B in Pre-Calculus 12
  • B in MATH 100 or MATH 108 
  • B in Camosun Alternative 

One of: *

  • B in Physics 12
  • B in PHYS 105 
  • B in Camosun Alternative 
  • C+ in AHLT 165 

One of: *

  • B in Biology 12
  • B in BIOL 143 or BIOL 150 
  • B in BIOL 152 and BIOL 153 
  • B in PNUR 101 
  • B in Camosun Alternative 

One of:

  • B in MOA 155 
  • Completion of a course consisting of a minimum of 60 hours with a letter grade of B or higher

And all of:

  • Completed Physical Requirements Online Form
  • Attendance at a program Information Session and completion of online questionnaire.  An online option of the Information Session is available for anyone unable to attend in person
  • 40 hours of volunteer work in a patient-related environment
  • After the document submission deadline, all qualified applicants receive registration and scheduling instructions for their non-academic assessment.  Students may take the assessment one time per application cycle and must do so within the prescribed timeframe indicated by the program.  Students applying to other Allied Health & Technologies programs at Camosun College need only take the assessment once per application cycle.

Our Teaching Staff

Camosun College is fiercely proud of the excellent quality of its instruction. Our teaching staff are experienced, inspiring and supportive of our students’ individual journeys.

Faculty/staff profile

Lynelle Yutani

Lynelle Yutani

Chair, Allied Health and Technologies

Lynelle joined Camosun College early in 2012 to teach courses in the Medical Radiography Program. She instructs students in radiographic procedures, p ... Read more

Faculty/staff profile

Matthew Barbas

Matthew Barbas

Program Leader, Cardiac Ultrasound (SONO)

Matthew joined Camosun College in 2019 to develop and teach courses in the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. He instructs students in cardiac son ... Read more

Faculty/staff profile

Dustin Pendergast

Dustin Pendergast

Program Leader, General Ultrasound (SONO)

Dustin joined Camosun College in 2019 to develop and teach the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. He instructs students in ultrasound procedures, ... Read more

Faculty/staff profile

Jana Suraci

Jana Suraci

Instructor Instructor, Allied Health and Technologies

Faculty/staff profile

Image of Bridget Maverty

Bridget Mavety

Instructor, Allied Health and Technologies

Bridget joined Camosun College in 2020 to teach the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program. Originally from Ontario, she earned a Bachelor of Medicatio ... Read more

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Allied Health & Technologies Department

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Camosun College Interurban
Alex & Jo Campbell Centre for Health & Wellness - CHW 207
4461 Interurban Road
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