Tech talent on display in Camosun capstone

A smart sunscreen dispensing solution, a modern control system for church bells, and a parking app that locates empty parking stalls.

Driving simulator set up with a steering wheel in the foreground with a large TV monitor in the background.

Camosun College

A driving simulator developed as part of a Capstone project uses real-time data to simulate the motion experienced by the driver.

These are just some of the innovative new projects designed and developed by graduating Electronics and Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering technology students from Camosun College featured at their year-end capstone symposium taking place on Dec. 15.

“At Camosun College we prepare students to thrive in a rapidly changing world with an emphasis on applied learning,” explains program chair James van Oort. “The capstone projects on display show how technology students have worked with local businesses to tackle real-world problems and find workable solutions.”

Other projects on display include a driving simulator that uses real-time data to simulate the motion experienced by the driver, an electric propulsion solution for marine applications, a glove-driven music creation tool, and three separate robotics projects.

The capstone is open to anyone who wants to drop by, meet the students and check out the finished examples of innovation.

  • Where: Centre for Trades Education and Innovation, Interurban Campus, 4461 Interurban Road, Victoria

  • When: Friday, Dec. 15 from 10am to 2pm

Camosun’s Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology program offers leading-edge education and training in both hardware and software design. Students develop the skills necessary to analyze problems and develop solutions, using a combination of hardware and software.

Camosun’s Electrical Engineering Technology program provides students with the knowledge to think critically and design solutions for electrical systems both on land and at sea. Graduates of the program have extensive experience in programmable logic controller control systems, variable-frequency drives for AC motors and electrical machines.

A priority in Camosun College’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan is to Strengthen the Camosun Advantage by empowering students to stand out by providing educational experiences that will equip them for their future through applied learning such as capstones.

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