Students at a computer

Protect & defend with new Camosun cybersecurity program

Camosun College is responding to a growing demand for cybersecurity professionals with two new programs in Cybersecurity and Network Technology

Students at a computer

As a graduate of the Cybersecurity & Network Technology program, students can seek employment in the network management, computer maintenance, cloud computing or cybersecurity roles.

“The way business is being done has changed dramatically in recent years. More and more, employees are connecting over VPNs, working from home, and are far more global than they have ever been before,” says Ian Cameron, Instructor, Electronics and Computer Engineering. “As all companies rely on computer systems it is vital that businesses invest in cybersecurity experts to protect them against both cyber-attacks and data theft."

To cater to this demand, Camosun is offering two new programs in Cybersecurity and Network technology this fall. These programs have a practical career-oriented approach, giving students the knowledge and hands-on experience they need to be able to install, repair, secure and maintain computers, servers, and computer networks.

A diploma in Cybersecurity will help protect the systems that all Canadians rely on like banking, healthcare, telecommunications, energy, and transportation,” says Alan Duncan, Chair of Electronics and Computer Engineering. “On completion, students will not only have the knowledge and skills to maintain computer and network systems but will also be able to design and configure these systems to protect them from hackers and malware.

This new offering will serve a crucial labor demand on Vancouver Island and beyond. According to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, the number of jobs for cyber security professionals in Canada is growing by 7% every year.

“At Camosun, we work closely with the industry to identify the skills that are needed now and in the future. This program reflects our commitment to students, employers, and industry partners,” says Ian. “Our students will make a difference by helping strengthen Canada’s digital safety and security".

For more information visit the Cyber Security and Network Technology Diploma program page.

Cybersecurity & Network Technology

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