New Strategic Plan leverages the Camosun advantage

The Camosun College community will paddle forward together guided by six priority areas that will each be unveiled in a new five-year Strategic Plan.

Image of Camossung created by Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas for the 2023-2028 Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan consists of six priority areas each represented by individual paddles designed by alumni and Coast Salish artist Dylan Thomas.

“Thank you to everyone for your dedication, commitment and enthusiasm over the past year in making the new Strategic Plan a reality,” says Dr. Lane Trotter, President of Camosun College. “Hopefully, the plan resonates with the college community with its focus on the Camosun advantage, climate change, supporting communities, creating life-changing opportunities for students, furthering Indigenization and breaking down barriers for marginalized students, while advancing applied research and supporting the ambitions and goals of employees and local partners. We will continue to work closely with education, government and community members as partners in a thriving community. I look forward to seeing how the Strategic Plan will help us all paddle forward together.”

The 2023-2028 Strategic Plan is the culmination of many conversations, hours of dedication and continued engagement and reflects thousands of comments, ideas and aspirations. The college talked with students and employees to hear what is most important to them as well as surveyed alumni, donors, partners and employers, and hosted open houses, to understand how the college can better serve the community. The college also conducted dozens of subject-specific focus groups and engagement sessions to refine its priorities.

Each priority includes three goals accompanying by progress measures. The priorities are symbolized by a paddle featuring a unique design element by Coast Salish artist and alumni Dylan Thomas. The six priorities are:

  • Strengthening the Camosun Advantage;
  • ÍY,ĆȺNEUEL OL: Doing Good Work Together;
  • Responding to Community Needs;
  • Rising to the Challenges of Climate Change;
  • Honouring Indigenous Resurgence; and,
  • Advancing Social Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

“The Strategic Plan builds upon a very strong foundation to create a clear vision that will help take Camosun College into the future,” says Dr. Monty Bryant, Chair of the Board of Governors. “Now, more than ever post-secondary education has a pivotal role to play in ensuring a strong future for everyone. I am excited with the new Strategic Plan that the college has produced and feel it reflects a wide range of opinions and voices united in the goal of putting the educational and training needs of students at the centre of everything we do.”

Learn more about Camosun College’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan and watch videos that accompany each of the priorities at

Strategic Plan Rollout 2023


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