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Women and War: The Success Story of Liberia




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The men of Liberia created the Liberian civil war, but women and children bore the blunt of the pain of the wars as they experienced the killings of their men, mass rape, starvation, anxieties, trauma, etc. Sick and tired of watching the disastrous impact of the civil war, a group of Liberian women decided to do something about the war; they organized systematic non-violent campaigns to stop the war and create a sustainable peace. They succeeded! The civil war was stopped and the first female president in Africa was elected to re-build Liberia, showcasing the power of women as a collective in social change. Women in other war-torn areas can learn from the success story of Liberia.    

Join us in this Zoom film and discussion event showcasing the power of African women to end wars on the continent.  


African Awareness Poster - Women & War

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April 24, 2024 | 3:58pm


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