Dr. Tanis Farish (On leave)

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Kinesiology, Sport Management

Centre for Sport and Exercise Education

“We are made to move!”

Tanis has an insatiable curiosity for how and why people move their bodies to foster well-being, bringing out the best within, to capture that innate embodiment and strength. Whether through sport, exercise, or everyday activities, feeling healthy has many parts that are ‘oh so human’. As a qualitative researcher and teacher, Tanis has worked in the Centre for Sport and Exercise Education to bring behavioural theories and neuroscience into daily practice and tools for students embarking on a career in Fitness, health and performance. She enjoys mentoring students in community research projects and as they transition into the next adventure in life. Tanis is a mama to 5 spirited kids, a wife, runner, side hustler, avid reader, cook and coffee drinker.