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Year 1

Getting started

The focus of year one is on the role of the registered nurse, including promoting health and wellbeing, as a professional; becoming self-aware as a practicing nurse; nursing assessment; basic nursing care; and growth and development in the context of family. You will participate in related courses, in addition to English and Anatomy and Physiology.

Year 1

Effective Date: January 2019

Academic Term 1

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 20See What it Costs
All of BIOL 152 Anatomy & Physiology 1 4 $423.90
ENGL 151 Academic Writing Strategies See Note 1 3 $404.55
NURS 110 The Profession of Nursing 3 $227.70
NURS 132 Nursing and Health: Promoting Health and Wellbeing 3 $227.70
NURS 142 Foundational Nursing Skills and Assessment 2 $303.60
NURS 160 Nursing as a Caring Relational Practice 3 $227.70
NURS 180 Nurses Promoting Health in Practice 2 $242.88

Academic Term 2

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 18See What it Costs
All of BIOL 153 Anatomy and Physiology 2 4 $423.90
HLTH 111 Indigenous Peoples Health 3 $288.45
NURS 111 Discipline of Nursing & Nursing Knowledge 3 $227.70
NURS 133 Promoting Health Across the Lifespan 3 $227.70
NURS 143 Holistic Nursing Assessment and Skills 2 $303.60
NURS 181 Health Promoting Practice Across the Lifespan 3 $455.40

Practicum 1

  Course Course Name Credits Tuition
Total 3See What it Costs
All of NURS 190 Consolidated Practice Experience 1 3 $850.08

Note Tuition costs for the current academic year listed above are for domestic students and do not include any additional fees. See the What it Costs page for details.


  1. Students may use ENGL 161, ENGL 163, or ENGL 164 in lieu of ENGL 151 toward program completion.
  2. Two electives are required to complete the BSN Program:
    • A non-nursing elective is taken at Camosun College, and a nursing elective is taken at the University of Victoria. At least one non-nursing elective must be completed be the end of Academic Semester 5 in order to progress to Academic Semester 6 at the University of Victoria.
    • All electives must be designated university transferable and may be at a 100 level or higher.
    • BIOL 103, BIOL 150, BIOL 151, BIOL 143, BIOL 144, HLTH 110, PNUR 101, and PSYC 154 are not accepted as non-nursing electives. This does not constitute a complete list of unacceptable courses; additional courses may be subsequently identified. Students are advised to discuss their elective choices with an Academic Advisor to determine courses to further their nursing career interests or to support their academic success.
    • Students considering transfer to a collaborative BC college or university should consider an additional English elective which may be necessary in order to meet graduating requirements of that institution. (Consult that institution's calendar for program requirements.)
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