Tersia Fagan

Faculty/staff profile

Activity Instructor: Yoga

Tersia is a certified Hatha Yoga instructor, but well versed in the many different styles and philosophies of yoga. This interest has influenced her teaching style, making her classes both diverse and accessible for all. Since 2005, she has been teaching at Camosun, at various yoga studios in town, and leading annual summer outdoor yoga sessions in Horner Park.

Tersia creates unique yoga experiences to support physical and mental well-being and includes practices to restore balance to the regulatory systems of both body and mind.  Her knowledge and experience of the eastern body and the western mind is creatively infused into each practice to satisfy the needs of the mind-body bond.

In her 6-week series "Yoga of the Nervous System", Tersia themes classes to bring awareness to the body-mind connection, combining modern neuroscience and traditional yoga practices. A variety of yoga styles and techniques are used to navigate the body-mind link and Stephen Porgess Polyvagal theory is applied to progressively build understanding of the nervous system, and its role in regulating our emotional and behavioural responses to everyday stressors.

"Tuesday Hatha Yoga" practice with Tersia addresses the tightness of the body, trains the mind, and optimizes breathing patterns, to ease the impact of everyday stress. When you practice with Tersia, you can expect accessible and adaptable postures with varied yoga techniques such as using the voice, practicing breath control and rhythmic and repetitive movements to regulate systems, and balance the body’s energy. She welcomes new and seasoned yogis to her Hatha classes, offering adaptations and options for all. 

As an advocate of health, Tersia contributes to wellness initiatives in the community, and here at Camosun. Her "Thursday Wellness Breaks" offer 30 min drop-in sessions aimed at supporting student wellness. And, in her regular "Employee Yoga" sessions (established 2008), Tersia customizes practices to address physical and mental tension in the workplace. If you are curious and would like to know more, you can email Tersia, in the School of Health and Human Services.