Students explain their projects at a Mechanical Engineering Capstone event

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Adult Upgrading Grant (AUG)

AUG funding (formerly ABESAP) is provincial government grant funding that you do not need to pay back. It covers tuition, deposit, student fees, required textbooks and child care support for eligible upgrading programs.

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Camosun International School of Access Awards

The purpose of this fund shall be to recognize extraordinary success by one or more international students attending Camosun College with awards in two areas: Academic achievement and Community involvement.


ELD Merit Award

This award is to acknowledge hard work and dedication to studies, the award will be presented to any student who is enthusiastic about his/her ESL studies and shows continued progress, the ability to work as part of a team, and classroom leadership.


ELD Writer's Award

ELD faculty will submit a student's paragraph or essay, written as part of the course requirements, which shows skill and well-written support for a thesis or topic sentence.


Greater Victoria Citizen Advocacy Award

This award is for a full or part-time student in any Employment Training and Preparation program; student must contribute in and/or outside the classroom in a meaningful way and is distinguished by his/her kindness and caring behaviour .


Joan Hosty Memorial Award

This award is for a BESL level ELD student who attended class regularly, plans to continue to study in some capacity (further ELD, another Camosun program, university, etc), is a role model in encouraging/interacting with others in class and/or in their communi

Group work at the Lansdowne Library

Adult Upgrading Grant

If you're attending Camosun in one of the School of Access programs you may be eligible to have your tuition, deposit and fees paid.