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Diverse social relationships

Sociology looks at how social forces shape our lives and behaviour. As a student of sociology, you'll develop a sociological perspective or way of thinking about the world that provides an understanding of social behaviour as well as the society and world we live in.

Flags of Africa

SOC 211 - Intro to Africa

Experience the emergent New Africa full of hope. Apply your learning by participating in a service-learning project focused on transforming extreme poverty to sustainable prosperity.

Sociology seeks to understand

  • how groups and group interactions influence human behaviour
  • how cultural, historical, socio-political, and economic factors influence group interactions
  • social phenomena such as sexuality and gender, crime and deviance, ethnicity, family and community
  • socialization, religion, social movements, aging, and social/global stratification

Sociological questions

  • Should drug use be decriminalized?
  • Why do humans form families?
  • What makes some obey the laws and what makes others break them?
  • What would a human be like who was raised in isolation?
  • What holds society together and why do societies change overtime?
  • Why are some people wealthy and others living in poverty?
  • Does gender really matter?
  • Is the family a dying social institution?
  • Is Canada a racist society?
  • Is the government dominated by big business?
  • Should same sex marriages be legally recognized?
  • Are Indigenous people oppressed in Canadian society?
  • Are rich people really smarter?

Part-time or full-time studies

You can take Sociology courses within one of our 2-year programs or as individual courses on a part-time basis. If you plan to take Sociology courses on their own, you will select University Transfer as your program option when you apply online to Camosun.

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The function of sociology, as of every science, is to reveal that which is hidden." Pierre Bourdieu

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