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Most linguists classify Korean as a language with no known relationship to other languages. But with 80 million speakers, Korean language and culture are known world-wide. Learn about the Korean Wave or 'Hallyu', which is the phenomenon of Korean entertainment and popular culture spreading throughout the world with pop music (K-pop), TV dramas, and movies. 

In the classroom

Korean is the official language of both North and South Korea and is spoken by 80 million people worldwide. Camosun offers several Korean language courses at the level of introductory and intermediate to begin your education in Korean.

These courses consist of class lectures and language lab hours. Each class is based on communicative language teaching to develop all language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Each language lab is designed to give opportunities to practice and produce authentic language in order to reinforce what has been learned in class.

At the beginning level, you will learn to read and write Hangeul (Korean Alphabet) while you are learning basic vocabulary to greet people and start communicating. The class also introduces students to some Korean food traditions such as Kimchi (Korea’s national dish).

More advanced courses expand your linguistic and communicative competence in all aspects of the Korean language in the context of traditional and contemporary Korean culture.

Korean courses

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Camosun offers flexible programs that give you the chance to explore your passion for Korean.

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You can take Korean courses within one of our 2-year programs or as individual courses within our university transfer program. If you plan to take individual courses at Camosun, when you apply online, you will select University Transfer as your program option.

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