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Technology Programs

Camosun offers a variety of computer-focused and engineering technology programs, including certificates, diplomas, bridging to university and university transfer courses.

Engineering Technology Access Programs

Civil Engineering Technology Access

Certificate - This program will upgrade your Math, Physics and English skills and take courses in technical drawing, graphics and computing that you'll need for your next step: Civil Engineering Technology. 8 months

Computer and Engineering Technician Access

Certificate - Upgrade your Math and English skills and take courses in technical communication, computing, and technology studies in order to enter our Information and Computer Systems TechnicianComputer Network Electronics Technician, and Engineering Graphics Technician programs.  4 months

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology Access

Certificate - Upgrade your Math, Physics and English skills and get a guaranteed seat in the next intake of either Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy or Electrical Engineering Technology—Marine & Industrial

Mechanical Engineering Technology Access

Certificate - This program will upgrade your Math, Physics and English skills and give you a guaranteed seat in the next intake of either Mechanical Engineering Technology or Engineering Graphics Technician programs. 8 months

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Technology

Diploma - Prepares graduates for a career in the core disciplines of: structural design; municipal infrastructure and highway design; construction management; surveying and geomatic engineering; geotechnical and materials testing. 2 years

Computer Science

Information and Computer Systems

Certificate/Diploma - These programs give you the foundational skills and knowledge you’ll need for a multitude of professional careers in the world of computing! The program is composed of a Computer Systems Technician Certificate, lasting nine months, and a subsequent Computer Systems Technology Diploma, lasting a year and nine months. 1 or 2 years

Interactive Media Developer

Certificate/Diploma - If you’re artistically and technologically minded, the Interactive Media Developer (IMD) program will prepare you for work in application, game, or web development, graphic design, and user interaction. 1 or 2 years

Electronics & Computer Engineering

Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology - Renewable Energy

Diploma - Our program provides you with all the knowledge you need to work in a variety of positions associated with the electronics industry. You'll develop analytical skills and learn the application of these to electronic circuits and systems. 2.5 years

Electrical Engineering Technology—Marine & Industrial

Diploma - Learn leading-edge topics with applied learning to enable you to design Electrical Engineering systems. This program is designed to prepare you for direct entry in the marine or industrial electrical sectors, or you can choose to further your education in engineering at UVIC. 2.5 years

Cybersecurity and Network Support Technician

This program has a practical career-oriented approach, that gives you the knowledge and hands-on experience you need to be able to install, repair, secure and maintain computers, servers and computer networks. 1 year

Cybersecurity & Network Technology

Diploma - The demand for IT security professionals with skills to protect systems from attack continues to grow. Completing this diploma program will not only give you the skills to maintain computer and network systems but will give you the ability to design and configure these systems and optimize them to protect them from attack. 2 years

Mechanical Engineering

AutoCAD Graphics

Certificate - Develops practical, hands-on skills in the use and application of AutoCAD as a computer-aided design tool. 170-200 hours

Engineering Graphics Technician

Certificate - Take your passion for design and technology and help fulfill your dreams of working in design or blending computer technology with a creative career. 1 year

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Diploma - You'll be involved in the analysis, design, production, and maintenance of machinery and mechanical devices. 2 years

Camosun’s Engineering Bridge programs are for technology diploma grads who want to continue with third year studies at UVic or UBC to finish an engineering degree. This is your next step to becoming a Professional Engineer.

Civil Engineering Bridge

Advanced Diploma/Bridge to UBC - Focuses on the design, construction and maintenance of our civil infrastructure. This covers a wide spectrum of areas, including water resources, transportation, structural, geotechnical, municipal, and construction. 8 months

Electrical or Computer Engineering Bridge

Advanced Diploma/Bridge to UVic - You’ll be trained in designing, developing, operating, maintaining and researching power distribution systems, automotive systems, communications systems, medical systems and a huge variety of electricity-dependent products and systems, ranging from tiny consumer products to alternative energy sources to huge hydroelectric dams. 8 months

Mechanical Engineering Bridge to UBC to UVic

Advanced Diploma/Bridge to UBC or UVic - You’ll design and build machines and other products, such as robots, spacecraft, automobiles, artificial limbs, amusement park rides, elevators, and manufacturing equipment. 8 months

Mining Engineering Bridge

Advanced Diploma/Bridge to UBC - Combines basic engineering subjects, topics in geology and essential courses in mining to prepare graduates to discover, evaluate and develop mineral deposits.  8 months