Joyce van de Vegte

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Instructor, Electronics and Computer Engineering

 Joyce van de Vegte



TEC 208

M.A.Sc., BC teaching certificate

Electronics and Computer Engineering

Joyce van de Vegte completed her B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science in 1985 and her M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering in 1988, both at the University of Toronto. She worked at the Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine doing research on speech recognition and image processing for six years before serving briefly at a technical university in Suriname and then qualifying as a BC high school teacher in 1991.

After completing her first contract with Camosun, Joyce taught at the Shandong Institute of Shandong in China for one year. Upon her return, she joined the Electronics & Computer Engineering Technology department on a permanent basis. Her teaching areas include digital signal processing, renewable energy, and control systems. Joyce has a strong interest in internationalization and has taken short teaching assignments in Thailand and Vietnam. In 2012, she completed a certificate in international education with UBC, and now offers an online course on intercultural engineering.