Valerie Neaves

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Faculty in the Education and Career Planning Program (EDCP)

Valerie Neaves





Education & Career Planning

School of Access

I have taught in three different post secondary colleges, government and non-profits for over 20 years. Most of this work has been in adult educational and career planning, policy and curriculum development. I have had the honour and privilege of teaching in remote and isolated Indigenous communities and in urban areas with many newcomers to Canada. During my time at Camosun, I have worked as an Instructional Assistant, Instructor in the Employment and Training Program (ETP),  Student Navigator and as Faculty in the Education and Career Planning Program (EDCP). 

My passion when working in community is to build networking connections; support teams’ ability to grow collective and individual confidence; foster a deep sense of community and truly ignite a sense of pure potential in others. I also value the importance of exploring the importance of cultural humility, multiple intelligences and breaking barriers in career and educational planning.

Working in the EDCP program in the School of Access is a gift. The students, faculty and staff continue to inspire me, fill me with gratitude and joy.