Update on international education

Additional details have now been shared on the mandatory cap on the number of study permit applications to be issued to international students for certificate, diploma and undergraduate programs.

The Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills has given us our Provincial Attestation Letter allocation. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will not accept a study permit application without an accompanying Provincial Attestation Letter.

Camosun College will be able to issue up to 1,643 Provincial Attestation Letters between Jan. 22, 2024 and Jan. 21, 2025 to prospective international students.

This is good news for international students as well as the college since it keeps our international enrolments stable. This allocation is fixed, whether or not the applicant is approved by IRCC for a study permit.

Thank you for your patience as we awaited these details. I know it is a relief to many and we are grateful for the hard work of our colleagues in the ministry.

We are in such a good place in part because we have excellent conversion rates and confidence in our ability to continue to meet IRCC standards. This is a major contributing factor as to why this is a positive outcome for us.

It is important for me to acknowledge the incredible work of Camosun International. The team have been working behind the scenes to understand the full extent of the changes as the new Provincial Attestation Letter system process takes effect on March 4, 2024.

Thank you and take care.


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Rodney Porter

Camosun College