Shining a light on exceptional instruction at Camosun College

One of the advantages of an education at Camosun College is the caliber of instruction and commitment by faculty members to student learning.

A male student with blonde haoir ooks at the camera showing off his lego model

Camosun College

Students created a Lego model of a cyber-secure company.

The launch of the Camosun Showcase 2023 on Friday, Sept. 15 marks the sixth annual publication highlighting creative, professional and scholarly activities by instructors across the college.

“The ability of faculty and staff to pique curiousity and inspire creativity is essential to the development of a distinctive student experience,” says Camosun College president Dr. Lane Trotter. “I am extremely proud of the exceptional learning experiences instructors nurture every day. My sincere thanks to everyone who shared their experiences in this year’s Showcase.”

The diverse, innovative and inspiring projects exemplify the commitment and passion of faculty members in the classroom, the college and the community. Project examples include:

  • Instructor Rob Sorensen used his Lego Serious Play Facilitator credentials to get his School of Business students to create a Lego model of a cyber-secure company.
  • Biology instructor Brooke Cameron undertook work to bridge the gap between Western and Indigenous sciences in her courses, making room for Indigenous voices.
  • Engineering Technology instructor Imtehaze Heerah brought real-world problems into the classroom to enhance students’ learning, while improving local businesses’ productivity through automation.
  • The South Island Partnership team is working out of the Interurban campus to best support over 1,000 local high-school students transition into post-secondary education.

“Showcase celebrates our Camosun community through stories telling of our passion for engaging students, exploring creative approaches to teaching and learning, building an inclusive academic environment, and inspiring excitement and curiosity in our students,” notes Emily Schudel, Instructional Designer and Chair of the Dr. Lloyd Morin Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Showcase 2023 exemplifies several of the priority areas in the college’s 2023-2028 Strategic Plan including Strengthening the Camosun Advantage, ÍY,ĆȺNEUEL OL: Doing Good Work Together and Responding to Community Needs

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