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Return-to-campus public health guidance

From the College Executive Team

The BC Centre for Disease Control has provided return-to-campus public health guidance outlining prevention measures recommended to reduce the risk of COVID-19 on campus.


As of Aug. 25, 2021, people in B.C. over the age of 12 – regardless of vaccination status – must wear masks in indoor public spaces to slow the transmission of COVID-19 including common areas of post-secondary institutions.

Some common post-secondary areas include “lobbies, hallways, stairwells, elevators, classrooms and labs.” At Camosun, this covers areas that students access and spaces that provide services to anyone on campus including some administration offices, the bookstore, receiving, the printshop counter and dental clinic.

Face shields are not a substitute for a mask as there is an opening below the mouth.

Instructors and other presenters do not need to wear a mask when behind a barrier or two metres away from students while teaching in indoor public spaces. Students are exempt from wearing masks when delivering a presentation or lecture if they are two metres away from others, or there is a physical barrier.

Masks are also not required if a person is behind a barrier that separates them from other people, like a divider, cubicle, or in a room by themselves.

If you are sitting at your desk or work space that is not in a public area then you do not need to wear a mask. For example, an office space shared with colleagues that is not within a public area does not require employees to wear a mask. Masks are not required when people are seated in a meeting room. Employees in this situation are encouraged to be respectful of each other’s personal preferences.

Masks may be removed temporarily to identify the individual wearing the mask, to consume food or beverage at a location designated for this purpose, while participating in a sport or fitness activity in a sport facility or while receiving a personal or health service that requires the mask to be removed.

Face mask exemptions are contained in the Order of the Public Health Officer. Students requiring a medical exemption in learning spaces should be registered with the Centre for Accessible Learning.

Similar to last year, in the college’s day care facilities, educators do not have to wear masks when with children, only when parents drop off and pick up their children, in addition to conducting a COVID-19 symptoms screen when receiving children.

Please contact OHS@camosun.ca if you have questions about your space.

Physical distancing

The physical distancing requirement of keeping two metres (six feet) away from one another, while in a public indoor setting, is no longer in place as of July 1, 2021. While physical distancing is not required, we still need to respect people’s personal space. Employees may want to check with colleagues about their own personal preference, whether an elbow bump, high-five or a friendly wave.

The BC Vaccine Card

Students and employees will need to provide proof of vaccination with the new BC Vaccine Card starting Sept. 13, 2021 to access non-core-educational services, businesses, and events on campus. This includes restaurants, gyms, recreation facilities, organized indoor activities, and sporting events. Only children under 12 are exempted.

On-campus cafeterias and campus bookstores are excluded from the BC Vaccine Card requirement.

Vaccination is required by Order of the Provincial Health Officer for health sciences students working in certain health care settings. While we are waiting for more details from Island Health, we will need to provide the full legal name and personal health number of students going to any public or private long term care facility within the health authority this fall so they can verify full vaccination status.


Most directional signage has been removed in accordance with the changing requirements. Removals will continue over the next couple of weeks. Some signage or markers will be left in place to assist with traffic flow to avoid unnecessary congestion in public areas.

Get vaccinated

Camosun strongly encourages all students and employees who are eligible, and able, to be vaccinated. Island Health’s Vax Van will be on campus on select dates shared on camosun.ca/covid19.

Students, faculty and staff who require a first or second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine can book an appointment in advance or simply walk into any COVID-19 immunization clinic. Second doses will be given 28 days or more after the first dose. For those that do not currently have a Provincial Health Number (PHN), please call 1-833-838-2323 (seven days a week, 7am to 7pm) for assistance before attending a clinic.

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