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New name for Camosun’s athletics unveiled today

Effective for today, Camosun Chargers Athletics has been rebranded with the new name Camosun Mustangs.

Logo for Camosun Mustangs

Camosun Chargers Athletics

Camosun Mustangs is the new brand for the athletics program at Camosun College

“While a Dodge Charger is a great car, I’ve always been a big fan of Ford Mustangs,” admits Lane Trotter, college president. “Thank you to the student-athletes and staff for understanding my preference. It means a lot to me.”

Camosun currently fields award-winning teams in basketball and volleyball, and has competed in over 100 national and provincial championships with over 50 medal winning finishes.

Heather Cummings, Vice-President for Student Experience, gave a strong endorsement for the name change.

“I sincerely applaud this bold new direction for the future,” says Cummings. “At least it’s a Mustang and not a Pinto. Go Mustangs!”

The name change will result in Rampage, the current GOAT mascot, being put out to pasture and replaced by a donkey until a suitable horse is found. Thank you to Rampage for your years of service.


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