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Faculty Showcase

The Faculty Showcase is an annual publication that features stories of exemplary professional, scholarly and creative activities.

Camosun College values lifelong learning and faculty development. The faculty stories in this annual publication highlight how the college enables development through scheduled development time, professional development funds, innovation and creativity grants and the supports provided by the Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning.

View the digital copy of the Camosun Showcase: Professional, Scholarly & Creative Activity.

2022  Call for submissions: 

Are you interested in sharing your stories of innovation, research, and creativity with the college community and beyond? Are you interested in highlighting the relevant and important work that you have done individually or collaboratively with colleagues, students, or community? Are you interested in writing about how you realized the ‘opportunity in the crisis’ in the last year and a half in terms of your students’ learning or your instruction? 

Consider contributing to the fifth annual Camosun Showcase: Professional, Scholarly, and Creative Activity. This year we are seeking contributions from faculty and administrators that showcase such innovation, research, and collaboration conducted in the past year and a half. We invite you to contribute to Camosun Showcase 2022 highlighting Camosun’s diverse range of professional, scholarly, research, and creative projects.

Expression of interest deadline: December 13, 2021:
Send your interest to contribute to Elizabeth West (west@camosun.ca) and Deidre Murphy (murphyd2@camosun.ca). This only needs to be one or two sentences with the topic of your project. Deidre and Elizabeth will follow up with specific criteria. If you have any questions, please email Elizabeth or Deidre. 

Submission Deadline: January 20, 2022:
Your submission will include two parts:

  1. a short biography with your area(s) of interest
  2. a description of your project (approximately 300-400 words)

Submit by email in a Word document to Elizabeth and Deidre.
Photos: January - March, 2022: 

From January to February, we will arrange individual photos through Audio Visual Services to accompany your SD/PD submission. We can also include your own photos if they refer to your work. 

Publication Date: April 25, 2022

The publication of Showcase 2022 will coincide with the annual Walls Optional Conference.

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