A young woman places a text book in the slot marked 'book return'. A photshopped cat is on top of the counter and appears to be looking at the camera.

Changes to library services at Camosun College

Library services at Camosun College are getting a purr-fessional makeover courtesy of a local online celebrity.

Screen shot of subject liaisoon librarians including a cat called Alaska with the title 'Online Leisure Expurrrt' who working remotely.

Camosun College

Online leisure expurrt Alaska is available to answer questions about the library cat-alogue.

Alaska – better known on campus as Sassy Lasky – is joining the meow-velous team of librarians and staff to help answer student questions whether it be a litter-ature search, hunting for articles on growing better catnip or how to use the library cat-alogue to place a hold on books.

“We’re delighted to offer students purr-fect in-person and roaming services. Whether students are looking for a copy of A Tail of Two Kitties or Purride and Purrejudice, we have a range of exciting titles alongside renown authors such as William Shakespurr and Purrman Meowville.”

- Erin Howard, Director of Learning Services

In recognition of the fact that cats have much more creativity than artificial intelligence, the college is implementing the changes following a successful grant from the Feline Purrdagogical Institute of Research.

Due to public health restrictions and the fact the college has asked people not to encourage Sassy to enter buildings all of her participation will be entirely remote.

Contact information

Sassy Lasky

Director of Cat Naps

C/O the library at Camosun