Camosun teaching awards recognize contributions to student success

Twenty-eight Camosun College faculty members were honoured for their contribution to teaching and learning in the second annual teacher recognition celebration.

Group photograph of some of the recipients of the 2023 teaching awards

Camosun College

The 2023 annual teacher recognition event took place on April 28 in the Sherri Bell Hall.

The awards ceremony took place in the Sherri Bell Hall on April 27, 2023, and is an initiative of the college’s Teaching and Learning Council. Awards were based on testimonials from faculty, staff and students.

“While nominations came from employees and students, once again it was inspiring to see an amazing response from students who highlighted some of the incredible work being done to support student learning,” says Dr. Heather Cummings, Vice-President of Student Experience. “Congratulations to every faculty member who promoted student success by using engaging and flexible approaches to better meet the needs of all learners.”

Camosun College is committed to teaching excellence. A range of teaching resources and learning opportunities are available to instructors to support their pursuit of excellence in teaching through the Dr. Lloyd Morin Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).

“Reciprocity in teaching and learning, as one of the four Rs of Indigenous Education, is an important component of equity, diversity, and inclusion and key to the work instructors and students do here at Camosun,” says Emily Schudel, Chair of CETL. “I was honoured to be among those celebrating some of our inspirational faculty who work in relationships and reciprocity with their students.”

The event included The Mary Burgess Open Education Recognition Award, which recognizes a faculty member who has made profound contributions to open learning at Camosun College. This year, Charlie Molnar, Biology, was recognized for his work in revising, adapting and creating open education resources since 2015.

Open education resources / open textbooks have positive benefits on the student experience by lowering access barriers and reducing student costs for learning materials. They also enable instructors to modify, edit or adapt high-quality resources to fit their individual teaching goals to provide meaningful contextualized materials for their students.

Recognizing the 28 recipients of the 2023 teaching recognition awards

The 2023 annual teacher recognition event took place on April 28 in the Sherri Bell Hall. The 28 recipients were:

  1. Andrea Durdle, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  2. Arloene Burak, Psychology
  3. Brent McMillen, Medical Radiography
  4. Brooke Cameron, Biology
  5. Dan Reeve, Political Science
  6. Darren Hall, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  7. David Armstrong, Hospitality Management
  8. David Raju, Biology
  9. Dianne Patterson, Health Care Assistant
  10. Emah Christiansen, Massage Therapy
  11. Gilles Cazelais, Math
  12. James Smyth, Plumbing and Pipe Trades
  13. Joanne Irvine, Management and HR Leadership
  14. Joyce van de Vegte, Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology
  15. Katie Waterhouse, Anthropology
  16. Kendal Adam, Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  17. Lynnea Jackson, English Language Development
  18. Matt Agbay, Business Statistics
  19. Meaghan Feduck, Education Assistant, Community Support
  20. Michelle Lysak, Accounting and Finance
  21. Nicole Kilburn, Anthropology
  22. Noreen Ortilla, Massage Therapy
  23. Pei Mei Chia, English Language Development
  24. Phil Vreugdenhil, Electronics and Computer Engineering
  25. Richard Burman, Mechanical Engineering Capstone
  26. Robin Fast, Community, Family and Child Studies
  27. Selena Hebig, Nursing
  28. Tony Vernon, Health Care Assistant-ESL

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