Camosun student recognized for exceptional contributions

Camosun College is proud to announce Monika Bhardwaj as the 2023 recipient of The Lieutenant Governor's Medal for Inclusion, Democracy, and Reconciliation.

Outdoor photograph of Monika - a young woman wearing a pink jacket and dark glasses. She has long dark hair brushed back off her face.

Monika Bhardwaj

Monika Bhardwaj is the recipient of the Medal for Inclusion, Democracy, and Reconciliation

Graduating with a Post-Degree Diploma in Human Resource Management and Leadership, Monika has committed herself to enriching the student experience, advocating for her peers and working to help solve challenges faced by post-secondary students.

"I believe that fostering an inclusive environment and embracing diverse perspectives is key to creating strong communities,” says Monika. “During my time at Camosun, I have been able to see how impactful collaboration can be. I am very grateful to those who nominated me for this honour and to all those I’ve worked with!”

During her studies, Monika served as International Director and Women Director for the Camosun College Student Society, leading campaigns that raised awareness about underfunding in post-secondary education, increasing tuition fees, women empowerment and student debts. Advocating for international students, she focused on creating inclusive events to ensure that students from all backgrounds are able to thrive at college.

“Monika’s work to bring international and domestic students together to enhance the Camosun experience for all is exceptional,” says Dr. Lane Trotter, president of Camosun College. “She has consistently demonstrated outstanding leadership and a strong commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement!”

Participating in college governance as an elected student representative, Monika’s work has helped shape educational policies and standards. Focusing on inclusivity and diversity, she has been a champion of climate action and continues to work towards a creating a better future through her involvement with local non-profits and advocacy groups.

“This recognition serves as a powerful affirmation of the importance of upholding democratic values, pursuing truth, and working towards reconciliation. I am humbled to be part of a movement that strives to make a positive difference in the world." says Monika.


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