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Academic Integrity for Students Research Guide

Camosun Library is celebrating Academic Integrity Week October 18 - 22 with its Academic Integrity Guide for Students.

Visit the Academic Integrity Guide for Students and test yourself on academic integrity scenarios – what would you do? What should you do? Learn about Camosun’s Academic Integrity Policy, your student rights and responsibilities, as well as tips on how to avoid plagiarism, the differences between collaboration and collusion, risks of contract cheating, understanding academic cultural differences, and more.

This guide is designed to help students understand and uphold the six pillars of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage. Learn more about these values, what academic integrity looks like at Camosun, and where to go for help and support – including the Library, the Writing Centre, and the Help Centres.

For questions about academic integrity, the guide or general resources, contact the library at

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