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Assistant to the Director

Miki Speirs, Assistant to the Director, Camosun International

Camosun International

I was raised in Japan in the small town of Miwa, just south of Hiroshima. Growing up, I loved the closed knit community relying on our rich culture and tradition, but as many of you landing on this page, I craved more. My journey as an international student took me everywhere from suburban Maryland where I earned Bachelor of Arts in Communication, to carefree Grand Cayman, the Cayman Islands. I can say confidently that travelling to study was the greatest experience of my life. That being said, there were challenges I faced, such as learning English on my own and living in an environment completely different from mine. Therefore, I am truly honoured to hold the position at Camosun International. I can relate to your experience of transition into beautiful British Columbia from your own country. Welcome to Camosun!