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Camosun Digital Film Fest




Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus, Young building 216, 3100 Foul Bay Rd, Victoria BC


School of Arts and Science

Camosun’s Digital Production Writing and Design program invites you to its second annual Student Film Festival!

The Digital Production, Writing and Design program  students with their instructor  Aaron Lutsch  are having a film festival to showcase the final projects of  DIME 116 course

Digital Media students with instructor Aaron Lutsch on campus

The festival will feature short films and live productions from the class of DIME 116. Students had the winter term to pitch, write, and produce 8-10 minute non-fiction productions.




The Silent Voices In Music

Biopic on local artist, Nine Lxfe – highlighting how he came to be, how things are going for him in the Victoria music scene, and where he plans to go from here.

Modern Day Classroom

Documentary on the state of education and its relationship to technology. Students explore the perspective from teachers, parents, and students, and the pros and cons of technology existing with education.

Blood Bonds

Students interview people and explore their relationships with their friends vs their families. Which do they value more? Equally? Less? Why do we feel that these relationships are different? 

What Housing Crisis?

Mockumentary featuring an individual having the best time in Victoria, oblivious to the financial woes many find themselves in.

No Pets

A documentary reflecting on the regulations tenants must deal with when wanting to have pets in apartments. Students interview tenants and others and explore local jurisdictions from multiple municipalities. Why are there so many differences in pet policies? The film also highlights the importance of having pets and what that means to people.


A mockumentary spotlighting the fears that people have, and why they have them.

Roaring with the Pride

A sports documentary featuring players and staff from Rugby Canada and the Pacific Pride.

Chilled Souls

A documentary that follows three individuals and taking a ‘cold plunge challenge.’ Students discover the physical and mental impacts of this new trend throughout the process.

Come out and support local film!


Digital Media students on campus

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