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Camosun Comic Arts Festival (CCAF)




Camosun College, Lansdowne Campus, Wilna Thomas 224 (Sherri Bell Hall), 3100 Foul Bay Rd, Victoria, B.C


School of Arts and Science

Everyone is welcome! 

This event is open to public.


Comics Program Students and Instructor working in lab

Comics & Graphic Novels. Instructor Gareth Gaudin and students working on creating new Comic books


Every year when the students end their Comics & Graphic Novels Certificate Program, they must have finished at least one comic book. The students get the opportunity to showcase their comic books and all of the other work they have done during their program at the Camosun Comic Arts Festival (CCAF).

CCAF is a celebration of the artistic and literary impact of comics and graphic novels created locally, nationally, and internationally. Conference attendees hear, see, and experience the process of visual storytelling, and discuss the medium with the students, teachers, professional creators, publishers, and other fans.

Please join us for a celebration with students from our Comics and Graphic Novels certificate program as they showcase their work at the Camosun Comic Arts Festival (CCAF).

Featuring Professional Guest Comic Book Creators! Comics Jam! Comics, Prints, and Original Artwork For Sale by Students and Pros! 

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Comics & Graphic Novels, Certificate

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Camosun Comic Arts Festival 2023

Camosun Comic Arts Festival 2023

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