A crowd watching Lloyd Morin speak at a podium.

Founding college leader honoured with CETL renaming

The renaming of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning honours the work of one of the founding leaders of Camosun College and an early promoter of community colleges as accessible institutions.

Lloyd Moring and Lane Trotter stand in front of a sign announcing the new building.

Guests at the renaming ceremony included current president Dr. Lane Trotter and many other members of the Camosun community who have worked with Dr. Morin over the years.

The Dr. Lloyd Morin Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will continue to inspire and promote innovation and excellence in curriculum, and all aspects of teaching and learning. The centre provides support to faculty in the development of their teaching practice, and in the development of curriculum, instructional materials, media and the use of technology.

“As a founding member of the Admin Council at Camosun, Dr. Morin helped establish an understanding of the concept of a community college and created guidelines for outcomes-focused course design, as well as developing new programs,” says Dr. Lane Trotter, president of Camosun. “Renaming the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is an appropriate recognition of the work of Dr. Morin whose legacy continues to this day.”

As an enthusiastic champion of community colleges, Dr. Morin became the college’s second president in 1978 taking over from Dr. Grant Fisher. Dr. Morin retired in 1989 and is the only surviving member of the first Admin Council.

“Those were exhausting days as we prepared for students and speaking to service clubs and others in Victoria who wanted to know more about this new institution, hiring new faculty and developing policies,” explains Dr. Morin. “The ethos developed by the founding group is still evident at the college and I am deeply honoured by the renaming.”

The Dr. Lloyd Morin Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning will continue to provide services out of the library locations on both Lansdowne and Interurban campuses.

“Dr. Lloyd Morin is Camosun’s second president; his first job at Camosun College in 1971 was as director of what is now the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning,” recounts Dr. Patricia Beatty-Guenter, chair of the Camosun College Association of Retired Employees. “Dr. Morin was part of the community college movement: new types of accessible colleges able to adapt to education needs of students at any age and any level. He developed faculty orientations and did program development that created the very foundation upon which the work of the centre rests today. Dr. Morin has remained a huge cheerleader for Camosun College and the concept of the community college. CCARE put forward the request to have Lloyd’s name intertwined with the work of CETL to honour his leadership in the creation of the college, its curriculum and its continued emphasis on teaching and learning.”

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